Travel The World With Cork n Knife

Visit Cork & Knife to experience the world through your palate. We have an incredible cheese selection with cheeses from across the world. Visit England with our Westminster Rustic Red, a sweet, nutty, cheddar-like cheese made with cow’s milk.

Visit France with our Champignon Grand Noir, a melty, creamy, blue cheese made with cow’s milk that’s incomparable.

Travel to Spain with our 6 month aged La Gruta Manchego, made with sheep’s milk, giving it a salty and creamy taste, or our Capricho De Cabra Fine Herbs, a creamy, flavorful cheese produced with milk from Murciana goats, which produce milk high in fat and protein to give the cheese its amazing creaminess.

Visit Italy with our Moliterno al Truffles Vecchio, a sheep’s milk cheese infused and aged with black truffle paste.

Return to the new world with a visit to New York, with our seasonal Old Chatham Creamery Fromage a Trois Je T'aime, a delicate and creamy heart-shaped layer cake cheese made with sheep, cow, and goat cheese.

Before heading home, visit the beautiful Redwood Forest of Northern California with our selection of goat’s milk cheeses from Cypress Grove; Midnight Moon, smooth, brown and buttery, Truffle Tremor, ripened to velvety perfection, and Humbolt Fog, with its elegantly creamy tang.